"Thank you for being such a wonderful, patient and thorough instructor. It's been a pleasure having you as my coach." - J. M. 2016

"Diana is an excellent swim coach. Her ability to analyze my skills and offer different analogies was extremely beneficial. One size does not fit all, but Diana has multiple options to help. Her demeanor and skill helped me improve considerably and be more comfortable. Even if you are a stronger swimmer, Diana can help you improve efficiency." - A.M. 2016

“Diana has transformed my swimming from an experience of working effort to an experience of easy joy and practice. And along with that new joy comes my ability to use less energy to swim farther and for longer amounts of time. Swimming has become a relaxing, graceful exercise that connects full body motions and breathing, and it is just really fun. I have Diana's commitment and inspiration to thank." - C.S. 2016

"Diana is a remarkable coach, not only because of her inexhaustible patience and endless encouragement, but because of the metaphors she uses to describe how we must move: she's a poet!" - B.C. 2016