Easy Freestyle SwimminG 


I'm Diana Prechter. Iā€™m a certified Red Cross Water Safety Instructor and I specialize in teaching swimming to adults at all levels, from beginner to advanced. I am in partnership with the City of Austin Aquatics Office to offer adult swim lessons seasonally at select COA pools.

I also have an MS degree in Dance/PE. I've taught college-level ballet and modern dance, and I've performed as a member of the Deborah Hay Dance Company. 

In 2014, I studied swim instructional pedagogy with Terry Laughlin at the Total Immersion studio in New Paltz, NY. I've served as an instructional assistant for Terry at workshops in NYC and Austin, TX.

My Goal:

 To help adults achieve grace, ease and endurance in their swimming efforts.

What is a practice partner?

It helps tremendously to have a second set of eyes to provide feedback about balance, timing, form, and efficient propulsion. Swimming with a practice partner - where partners swim in synchronized strokes, side by side - can help transform your efforts to achieve a more efficient form.

Please contact me if you would like to join our TI practice group.